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Bake Off // Remus and Mary

Mary figured that she would just wait for Remus in the kitchens. He knew exactly where she would be and she was going to act like she didn’t mind when he showed up, instead of letting him see that she had been suffering from severe butterflies since he mentioned meeting up. Things had already changed between then. Before she had wanted to se him just because he was fun, but now she couldn’t help but realise that they’d end up kissing at some point. That was what you were meant to be doing with a boyfriend right…

Boyfriend. Everything about the world seemed so unfamiliar to her. She sighed happily as she pulled the ingredients they would need out of theĀ cupboardsĀ and sat down the hot chocolate she had been made by the house elves. How was she meant to look and act the same around Remus if all she wanted was to kiss him all the time?

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